Braveship Books is an aggressive new publishing imprint created to leverage emerging technologies in printing, distribution, and communications to create smart books for smart readers.
We specialize in action adventure fiction, thrillers, and sci-fi/fantasy, but our authors will delve into any genre to bring you a pulse-pounding reading experience. Collectively, our books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies, garnered numerous awards, and several of them are in various stages of pre-production as major motion pictures. Our lineup of authors is eclectic, from #1 New York Times bestsellers -including coauthors of Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy- to promising newcomers who just might become next year's household names.

The technologies of publishing, films, and gaming are all evolving rapidly. With that in mind, we support Braveship's goal of cross-media franchising by offering a source of white-hot stories for film, television, and games. To that end, we look for certain criteria in our stories:

1. Multi-dimensional plots and characters.
2. Visual appeal: new and exotic settings, immersive environments, and cinematic action sequences.
3. Storytelling techniques that draw readers in as active participants, not merely observers.
For instance, codes, clues, and puzzles challenge readers to think like the protagonists. Interactive elements like these translate well into video games.

Many of our authors have backgrounds in the military, law enforcement, or the hard sciences. Their work is informed by rigorous technical research backed by years of hard-won life experience.
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